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Testimonials & Transformations


I’ve been training with Pete for 3 years. I have exceeded any fitness goals I had originally set for myself and continue to strive for more. He helps me to continuously set realistic goals and is so supportive every step of the way! Every session I leave there not only physically stronger, but mentally as well, feeling like I can accomplish anything!

Rebecca Ward

 Marlborough, MA

See Rebecca's transformation below!

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Rebecca After.JPG
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Training with Pete the past 2 years has helped me reach and work towards my health goals! I feel myself getting stronger and more confident every week. Pete has also helped me make sure my mindset is healthy throughout this process as well!

Mykayla Marcelino

 Harvard, MA

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Sam Moulton 

Salem, NH

I started working with Pete and instantly I knew he was all in!!! One of the things I really appreciated the most was he kept everything organized all on spreadsheets … he tracked my measurements and all my workouts so we knew what we had done and what we needed to do!!! He is so focused and truly wants you to succeed, mentally and physically!!! He has helped me start dropping the weight again and I am feeling so much like my old self again just stronger!!!


Meg Murphy 

Framingham, MA

I look forward to Pete’s boxing classes all week! He makes each session fun and a great workout. He is a fantastic teacher, super patient, energizing and motivating. I was a total beginner, had never taken a boxing class before, and he made me feel comfortable and welcome and worked with me on how I could get stronger. I can’t recommend training with Pete highly enough!


Mike Ford

Westborough, MA

I had always wanted to take boxing lessons generally to get in shape, but after training with Pete it became a staple in my conditioning training. Within a handful of sessions Pete had learned my training habits and mindset which enabled him to push me to my limits, all while keep things interesting through diverse training methods. I thoroughly enjoyed developing a lasting friendship and coach to client relationship with him!! Definitely looking forward to training again!


I was struggling during COVID to stay in shape. I met with Pete and he drew me up a plan with workouts that challenged me and multiple muscle groups at once. If I forget the form of a workout, I can access his online site which has videos. It is more organized than workout videos you see on Instagram, etc, and is constantly updated after every appointment.

I’m happy to say I’ve gained strength and lost some weight, but most importantly I’ve LEARNED from Pete. Imagine having a teacher that encourages questions, and goes out of his way to teach in a way that makes sense. All in all, very happy with the service and I’ll never go to anyone but Pete for fitness tips!

Samuel Shepherd

Northbridge, MA

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Pete has been a great trainer to work with. He is accommodating, quick to respond, and very good at meeting the needs of his clients when putting together programs. He is also flexible in his schedule and is always asking questions from the client to ensure that there is an open feedback loop for improvement. My virtual workout routines are easy to follow and are helpful to take with me when I am on the go. There are also links to video tutorials on how to do exercises which are crucial with remote programs.

Overall, am a very satisfied customer and am looking forward to doing business with Pete for years to come.

Alejandro Pirez

 Boston, MA


Mike Haines

Hudson, MA

I have been training with Pete for over 3 years now. When I first started training my core and back were very weak. Pete has helped me build my core strength which has helped my back pain. He is very knowledgeable about working around injuries. He listens to you and asks for input on how you feel before, during and after the workout. He keeps the workouts interesting and changes it up often. I have lost weight and gained muscle. I haven’t felt this good and strong in a long while. I am looking forward to reaching my goals with Pete as my coach.


I have been working with Pete since January of 2021. I have worked with many trainers over the years and I can honestly say none have motivated me like Pete. I had a few setbacks and he was able to alter my workouts and still make it enjoyable to be there. He is patient but also calls me out and makes me push a little harder when he knows I can do it. 

Shannon Keith

 Hudson, MA


I can't say enough about the value of a good trainer. I know; I have had more than 1 trainer. All trainers are not created equal. Pete is an amazing trainer. He listened to my priorities then created a personalized plan to help me improve after I was in an accident. He watched my form and made sure I was exercising correctly and safely. Pete continues to encourage me to move forward to more complex exercises, weight lifting and balance challenges which have resulted in overall improvement in my strength, balance and confidence. I am more confident about my health and wellness and I am enjoying activities that I love - hiking and biking. I am very thankful to Pete for helping me to return to an active life. 

Michelle Kanavos

Marlborough, MA

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