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Community Garden

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Announcements (updated 5/11):

  • We have two 4'x8' beds, one of which needs work before planting

  • I have 6 bell peppers and 6 tomatoes germinating and will be ready to plant in a few weeks

  • I was considering growing, in addition to the peppers and tomatoes, cucumbers and green beans

    • Suggestions for vegetables to grow is welcome! ​

  • Emails will be sent out to coordinate "group days" to work on the garden beds :)

  • Any and all questions can be directed to me via text or email!

Event Calendar

Check out the event calendar! I have listed all the days I will be working at the garden, and all Hudson Community Garden "work days." I will be attending the 6/8 work day. Mark your calendars and come participate :)

Welcome to the Train with Pete, LLC community garden page! Here you will find information pertinent to our collective gardening efforts. Please find some basic information below:

  • Location: Hudson Community Garden, 8 Port St, Hudson MA. Found to the left of the Portuguese Club

  • We have two 4'x8' beds located at the back/right corner of the garden

  • Interested in joining the garden effort? Submit your name and email below :)

  • Vegetables to be grown: green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and bell peppers!

  • Participation includes: occasional watering, weeding, cleaning, killing invasive bugs, and harvesting!

Hudson Community Garden!
Ready to plant!

To participate in the community garden , please fill out the form below. 

All produce harvested is donated to participating members!

Submit to join!

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Hudson Community Garden

Hydroponic/Home Gardening

Join the hydroponic gardening project! 


Train with​ Pete LLC presents...


The Veggie Initiative

This project includes the process of growing all natural organic herbs and vegetables hydroponically. There are 9 available "plant pods" in which herbs/veggies of your choice may be grown. Upon plant maturation, the plant will be transplanted into a pot and taken home, freeing a "plant pod" and thus creating a growth cycle.  

Click here to see a list of commonly grown hydroponic herbs/veggies

For more information, or to claim one of the nine plant pods, see below!

1) Seeds are planted in a grow medium, I use conical sponge pods

2) The grow medium is placed in a net pod, which holds the sponge pod in place

3) The net pot with the sponge pod is suspended in the water of the grow basin, leaving the top exposed to air to allow the plant to flourish

4) Germination caps are placed over the top of the exposed pod. These are clear plastic caps that increase humidity around the seed and increase temperature to promote sprouting. 

5) Plant seeds sprout at different rates, for reference, see the links below:

-- Veggie seed germination timetable

-- Herb seed germination timetable

6) Add water, nutrients, and prune as necessary

7) Harvest!! Enjoy the fruits of your labor

Claim a plant pod!

Thanks for submitting!

How the hydroponic system works:

Hydroponic Sign Up
Tomato sprouts!

Some commonly grown hydroponic herbs and veggies include: 

  • Lettuce

  • Tomatoes

  • Bell peppers

  • Hot peppers

  • Cucumbers

  • Green beans

  • Basil

  • Mint

  • Thyme

  • Parsley

  • Oregano

  • Dill


What does gardening mean to you? I highly encourage you to share your thoughts in the box, your response contributes to spreading the joy of this hobby :) 

Personally, gardening is one of my primary hobbies amongst golfing, spending quality time with my wife and pets, and listening to audiobooks. I do not have many hobbies, instead, I pay particular attention to a small handful. In the simplest terms, gardening brings me joy. It might be the satisfaction of successfully sprouting a seed, or caring for and nurturing a plant enough to keep it healthy. While these phenomena are pleasurable, the contrasting pain of watching a plant never sprout, wither, mold, or become infested with bugs somehow balances the emotional scale. Maintaining healthy plants takes work, which can be time consuming, dirty, and effortful. Taking time to be present while working with and around nature is not only healthy for your body, but your mind as well. Finally, gardening is as much work as you desire to make it, that's a beautiful concept. From a potted plant to 10 raised beds, here is my unsolicited advice when it comes to gardening: choose what makes you happy. 

What does gardening mean to you?

Thanks for submitting!

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